The BMW Club Vintage & Classic Register

B.M.W. Motorcycle Club - Vintage and Classic Register

The Aim of the V.C.R. is simple - to encourage the use and enjoyment of older BMW models. Technical advice, literature, tools hire and a range of activities are all available through us to make the ownership and use of these reliable and characterful machines even more troublefree and enjoyable.

The Register is a mutual-aid group. No-one is here to denigrate either machine or rider. No bike is too ratty: no question too simple. Whether your interest is in concourse originality or in just riding the beast, you'll find like-minded people within the group. All are equally welcome.

Any BMW Club member with an interest in bikes over 25 years old is eligible and membership of the Register is free. To join us please contact your Area Secretary and he or she will pass your details on to the Register Secretary.

Becoming a member will allow you to download manuals and literature or to hire equipment.

If you are not yet a member of the BMW club it is easy to join HERE

The Register will not exist without the enthusiastic support of its members and we thank you for your participation and your help. If you have suggestions to offer or are able to help other members in any way then please let us know.